Perl Modules for Raspberry Pi
Version 0.92 - released 28 March 2024

HiPi Energenie Modules

The Energenie modules provide an interface for controlling and monitoring the Energenie range of switches, sockets, sensors and RF boards

ENER002 MIH0002 MIH0004 MIH0005 ENER314_RT

The command hipi_energenie installed with the distribution allows you to switch sockets and adapters and monitor sensors.

Lower level access is provided by the following modules.

HiPi::Energenie Provides high level methods to access the RF ENER314_RT and ENER314 board modules.
HiPi::Energenie::Command Provides all methods used by the command line script hipi_energenie
HiPi::Energenie::ENER314_RT Provides methods to control the 2 way ENER314_RT transceiver board.
HiPi::Energenie::ENER314 Provides methods to control the 1 way ENER314 transmitter board.